Small Cow Farm CheesesSmall Cow Farm began when, in 2005, we started milking Small Irish Dexter cows on our small farm.

After experimenting with cheesemaking in the kitchen, the dream and the challenge to make something special spurred us to build our farmhouse cheese rooms and start producing commercially.

With increased demand for our artisan cheese we now source pure, quality milk from a local farmer and continue to handcraft cheese on our farm in the hills of Robertson in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

We work with the milk, which changes from season to season, aiming to create cheese that is unique to The Highlands and full of delicious flavours. Over the years we have added new varieties of cheese including Eastern Fetta and StAminay.

Our newest cheese is Mountain Cheese. This is a hard cheese based on cheese made in the French Alps (similar to comte gruyere)  After visiting this French region, seeing  and tasting  these cheeses, Mark was inspired to also try to create this cheese which is pressed under whey. The flavour reflects the mountain air and pastures of the Southern Highlands.  It is great for melting in fondu or on toast.

The cheese make day begins early.  Warming the milk to pasteurize then cooling it down to
the temperature required for the particular cheese takes a couple of hours. Cultures are added
then rennet (non- animal) then stirred.  We wait till the milk is like junket, ready to cut.  More
stirring and waiting until the curd is ready to put into moulds which give the cheese its shape.
After this there is much cleaning of equipment and the day ends about 12 hours after it began.

For every cheese make day there is another 1 or 2 days of brining, turning, wrapping and
cellaring of cheese.  Always plenty to do.

It is satisfying creating a premium product which our customers enjoy.

Top photo courtesy of Colleen Duncan

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